Speargun diagram

Their knowledge of trigger mechanisms and overall spearfishing is unprecedented. We also want to thank world famous Speargun Expert, " Kitto " for testing our mechs.

Thanks Kitto! The trigger pull is smooth as silk, the removable line release blade is ingenious, this mech will be standard equipment on all the best spearguns around, once the word gets out!

I am extremely particular about the components that go in to my custom built spearguns. It was easy to work with and built rock solid. The new mechanism has great new features that will enhance any build. Great job! Great work on the new speargun!!! This thing shoots sooo straight and the trigger mech is like butter.

Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock. Please click here to receive an email as soon as it's in stock! Dive safe, dano. Jonathan Lata with AR15 Speargun. John Dornellas with AR15 Speargun.

Features include: Right Side or Left Side Line Release Orientation Easily Interchangeable line release with different lengths available for any build Uniquely constructed for both standard trigger and push rod configurations. AR15 Speargun Reverse trigger Mechanism. Check What our testing team has to say about the MAKO Spearguns American Reverse Trigger Mechanism: The trigger pull is smooth as silk, the removable line release blade is ingenious, this mech will be standard equipment on all the best spearguns around, once the word gets out!

Line Release Orientation. First, Select Line Release Orientation. Line Release Length. Then, Select Line Release Length. Mounting Pin Length. Then, Select Mounting Pin Length. Great service. Reviewer: david babcock from bluffdale, UT United States.The SL Star range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years now, and they have won worldwide fame for their excellence in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and powerful shooting.

The various models correspond to the equivalent models in the SL series, without power reducer. Constantly updated over the years, the SL Star spear guns are ultra light, easy to use, and fire quickly. They come with anatomical high grip butts enabling the gun to be held in line with the arm with no extra effort. The bright yellow butt means you can identify the gun even if it ends up on the sea-bottom after shooting.

A strong line hook is situated on the bottom of the butt for shaft loading. The guns are fitted with a safety catch and, when the trigger is pulled, it frees the line releasing device. The SL Star spear guns come with an 8 mm threaded steel shaft. Cressi Spearfishing Spearguns pneumatic gun perfect grip great power spearfishing high quality 40 55 70 cm Spearfishing Spearguns pneumatic gun perfect grip great power spearfishing high quality 40 55 70 cm.

Products Spearfishing Spearguns SL Star SL Star Description More The SL Star range of pneumatic spear guns has been in production for many years now, and they have won worldwide fame for their excellence in terms of robustness, reliability, precision and powerful shooting. Stainless steel shafts are available separately. Colors NEW.Essential Gear. Rigging, Rubber, Shafts. Floats, Floatlines, Reels. Weight Belts. Speargun Builder. Lobster Gear. Neptonics Pre-Cut Blanks.

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speargun diagram

Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag. Salvimar Fluyd Fin Bag. Speargun Travel Bag. Mutiny Lobster Bag. Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel. Super Amero. Riffe Blue Water Elite. Salvimar Metal Speargun.I remember back to when I was planning out my first gun build.

Basic Rollergun Energy Storage Diagrams

I started looking around for places to buy hardwoods, specifically teak. The boards they had were deck planks. I thought it would be so cool to make my gun from reclaimed battleship wood. I headed over there and bought a couple pieces. I should have purchased more, he had a huge pile and the price was very reasonable. If you haven't made one yourself and are reading this let me start by saying that there are multiple ways you can get the job done.

I clamp my boards together in a vertical orientation, I find it easier to keep them aligned sitting vertically. Some will argue that clamping a blank this way will cause the epoxy to run downward between the lams. I have observed an equal amount of squeezed out epoxy at the top of the blank and the bottom of the blank after curing and have not yet encountered a problem using this method.

speargun diagram

That is just one example I can think of where one person does something one way someone else another, and both methods work. That said, there are some basic "rules" that should always be followed. I will do my best to point these out as I describe my process.

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Locate some wood! Depending on where you live this might be the most challenging part of making your blank. If you don't have a hardwood supplier locally do a Google search for "Hardwood supplier. Craigslist is another place you should check if you don't have a local supplier. Even if you do you just might find a good deal by searching around for used reclaimed hardwood.

The most common woods being used these days for spearguns are: Teak, Padauk, Mahogany, Sapele, and to a lesser degree Purpleheart. Technically you can use any wood if you will be sealing the gun with an epoxy finish. Make sure every hole is completely sealed before taking your gun in the water.

Speargun Parts

Certain woods just do not do well when exposed to water. Woods with a high oil content like teak and padauk can be finished with tung oil and will hold up well lasting a very long time. Personally my favorite woods to use are teak, padauk, mahogany and sapele. A great source of information on wood properties is the Wood Database. When I'm purchasing wood I will look at as many pieces as possible until I find the one with the straightest and tightest grain pattern.

Wood movement can happen every time you cut or mill a board.

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You will see this happen occasionally when you cut thin strips of wood off a larger straight board. You cut a nice thin straight strip on your tablesaw only to see it turn into a banana shape within a matter of seconds. The wood I buy from my supplier is "Rough sawn. The boards are not perfectly flat or square either.

To prepare a rough sawn board you must flatten each face and make sure the sides are straightened. Before planing I always let the wood sit in my shop for a few weeks so it can acclimate to the environment. Changes in humidity levels can cause wood movement warping, bending etc I'll start by cutting my board to a length that is a couple inches longer than what I want my final blank size to be.

Next, with a straight edge I check to see which side of the board is flattest.

Speargun Rebuild How To Step-by-Step

I look for imperfections like twisting or bowing. Normally you would use a jointer to flatten one face of a board and then run that board through a planer to flatten the opposite side. My jointer is only six inches wide and the table isn't quite long enough to handle the heavy hardwoods I've been working with making spearguns.I just rediscovered this old trigger mechanism diagram from my speargun research which I was carrying out prior to working up a "big banger" mechanism.

About that time Bill Kitto had produced his "Millennium" mechanism, the one with the heavy-duty cast steel sear case and "Undersee" based levers, it being a traditional "cam lock" design, and he was then about to embark on his multi-lever "M" series. Regular readers of this forum will know of what then followed with the successors to that original Millennium mech, or M1.

They are the M3 and the M5 four levers as the remote trigger is a necessary fourthwhich I like to think of as the "MBT" mechanisms or "Main Battle Tank" and those mechanisms for less bulky weapons such as the M2 two leversM4, M6 and M7 three levers.

During some prior discussions we had touched on the "speargun mechanism rules" and this diagram will serve to show you what they are.

Of course like any other rules they can be broken, sometimes with more success than others. Bad things can happen, if you do not know what you are doing!

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The trigger mechanism shown in the diagram is an "Aquacraft", it was also used in the "Sportsways" gun and is currently used in the "Bandito" and "Patco Inc" band guns, judging by their similar "Addict" style finger grip handles with four arm line release wheel in the handle butt. It is an "Undersee" cam locker, but with a shallow sear lever inclination angle when cocked, which makes it reasonably compact in the vertical dimension. The largest circle on this diagram is the travel arc of the outermost tip of the sear lever tail, the smallest circle is the path traced out by the trigger retention step when the trigger revolves.

For the mechanism not to push the cocked shaft backwards against the band pull when the trigger is pulled otherwise trigger pull goes up in a big way the curve of the trigger retention step must match the arc cut into the sear lever tail which contacts it and slides against it.

Here we can see an ideal match. That is the first rule. Jack Prodanovich knew this rule and was careful to build it into his own two-piece "balanced sear" guns. The second rule is to aim the force from the sear lever tail directly at the trigger pivot pin to eliminate any torque being applied to the trigger, only giving it a squeeze from the sear lever tail contact pressure instead.

This rule was also formulated by Jack Prodanovich during his many trigger mechanism experiments. That all sounds good, but the sear lever tail has to sweep past the trigger pivot pin position and clear the bulk of the top of the trigger component, so to maintain a shallow mechanism like this "Aquacraft" mechanism is the action line of this force can be moved slightly inwards to pass in front of the trigger pivot pin. This will revolve the trigger and sear lever under band load into each other providing a strong "cam lock" shorthand for interlocking cams and will allow the sear lever tail to sweep up past the trigger pivot pin position and strike the sear box roof.

The third mechanism rule is the spacing between the pivot pins sets a limit on the achievable gearing in the trigger mechanism, but this rule has been broken as we will see later. Guns that are limited by this rule are the old JBL tube guns, that is why the XHD models have carbide inserts to resist the lever contact pressures as the gearing is otherwise insufficient to lower the inter-component forces when using big band loads.

The fourth mechanism rule is that in order to aim the force from the sear lever tail directly at the trigger pivot pin the contact point actually a short curve between sear lever tail and trigger retention step should lie on a circle whose diameter is given by the distance between the pivot pins. This is the third intermediate size circle in the diagram. We can see that this "Aquacraft" mechanism's contact point lies inside that intermediate circle, so it will have a definite lock as some torque will be produced to revolve the trigger against the direction in you will have to pull it when firing the gun.

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That makes it very safe, provided nothing breaks, but slightly increases trigger pull. Those who remember their geometry from school will know that any right-angled triangle with one side the hypotenuse being the diameter of a circle will always have the apex sitting on the circumference of that circle.

The fifth mechanism rule is that the trigger to fire should operate in a direction opposite to that in which the cocked mechanism will try to push it, this rule can also be broken, but care needs to be taken to avoid the mechanism popping open under band load by ensuring full engagement of the sear lever tail tip on the trigger retention step.Welcome to the DeeperBlue.

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speargun diagram

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Basic Rollergun Energy Storage Diagrams. Thread starter popgun pete Start date Oct 5, Powered By Taco Republic.

The purpose of the Primitive Speargun section was to provide examples, which exhibit how spearguns may have originated. In the Vintage Spearguns section we examine the evolution of speargun development for two reasons. We examine the earliest implements of the sport to understand the historical significance of equipment developments as they relate to the challenges faced by the pioneers of the sport, which was the genesis of equipment evolution.

We examine early speargun development to better understand the design aspects of contemporary, cutting edge spearguns. Provenance for the Vintage Speargun section is in the form of patents, advertisement, articles and other forms of documentation. If you or someone you know would like to contribute to this resource please use the "Contact Us" option on the main menu, or use this link. Abel Gazio's Co2 gun Brazil.

Addict Gun 1 by Paul Herrin. Addict Gun 2. Addict Gun 3. Addict Gun 4. Aqua Bo. Aqua Craft guns. Aqua King. Aqua Twin by Johnny Carol. Arbalete Guns. Atlantida Piranha. Barkuda Brigant Spring Gun. Barracuda Spearguns by Chuck Blakeslee. BASO-K gun. Bazooka Special Australia. Bob Stanberry Guns by Yas Ikeda. Bottomscratchers Gun.